Opt Out from Leadbolt Ads

Install Opt Out App Here

Access this page using your device and click the download button below. Alternatively, navigate to http://leadbolt.com/optout.apk directly using your device.

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Having Trouble Installing This App?

Some devices don't allow installation from non market sources (eg. Amazon, etc.) by default. If that is the case for your device, you may need to follow these additional steps first before clicking the link and installing the app. Please make sure you restore this setting after app install and if required, uninstall the app after opting out.

Configuration Settings for Installing from Non-Market App Installation

Step 1:

Open your device settings and
click "Applications".

Step 2:

If unchecked, check "Unknown sources".

Step 3:

Click "OK" on the "Attention" dialog. "Unknown sources" will now have a green check


Should you have trouble installing this opt-out application you can opt-out by entering your IMEI/MEID online.